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Rally Information

 New York Rally

Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn NY Date TBD.  We should be reinstating this event for October of 2011.

Map of [1-101] Floyd Bennett Fld Brooklyn, NY 11234, US

This will be our third trip to NY. City and one of the best land sailing venues on the east coast.  If you are into airplanes, you should definitely make this trip!  They have hangers full of historic aircraft you can view and a few you can even go into.  This is a pavement venue and we seem to get wind every afternoon as the sea breeze kicks in.  We will split our time between informal racing and just tearing around.


Are best done through either Priceline.com or Travelocity.  The venue is pretty close to Newark and the hotels are definitely cheaper across the bridge in NJ although I have pulled off some deals at pricline.


We will sail both days from late morning until the weather or light give out. 

For more information contact the factory: daniel@windline.net

8th Annual Spring Rally West

Ivnapah Dry Lake, Primm NV.   March 26-28, 2011


Take I15 either south from Vegas (or North from CA) to exit 1 on the Nevada side of the state line. All the hotels are at this exit, right next to the highway. Exit and go to the west side. (Whiskey Pete's)  Follow the signs back to the parking garage and continue past it to the back of the parking lot where the semis are parked. You will see a dirt road running off along the north side of the lake.  Head out and follow the second left split to the edge of the playa.  Generally we should be visible from the time you get to the back of the parking lot.

UPDATE- The west side now has a fence between the hotel parking lot and the road going to the lake.  The gate is supposed to be un-locked.  I will have a "universal key" with me if needed.  Open the gate and follow the road out.  take the left fork.  There is a parking area marked with 4 white posts on the edge of the Playa.  Park in the area they define, not on the gravel like we used to.


Primm, NV - There are 3 hotels at state line. All 3 are run by the same group and can be reached at 800 - FUN - STOP. All will average between $30 and $40 bucks a night for the duration of the event. All 3 are basically right next to the sailing area.  We have found good rates by booking through  travelocity.com  Book on line if you can.  It is always cheaper.

UPDATE- The hotels at Primm are now owned by the bank.  This has lead to very erratic pricing.  Prices have been dropping about 2 weeks prior to our rallies by about 50%.  The advice of the hotel people is to wait until about 2 weeks from the rally to book!



If you need to ship a boat, contact the factory.  They have special shipping rates through FedEx.  If you are staying in one of the hotels, boats can be shipped directly to Primm.


Permits are free and available through the Needles office of the BLM.  Contact Merle

(760) 326-7000

We will be drawing up a letter of agreement, but if you are bringing your own boat to sail, we encourage you to get the permit.


We plan on starting late morning on the 12th. We typically sail until shortly before sunset.   I will actually be arriving Thursday.

Many evenings we will hit one of the buffets for dinner as a group.

We will be doing some informal racing, slaloms and just general sailing. If the conditions are good we may try some measured speed runs.

The weather conditions at this time of year have varied greatly from cool, requiring long sleeve T shirts at least to HOT short type weather. In the evening the high desert will be cold. Bring layers. I highly recommend bringing bottled water and granola bars out with you. In the past we have tended to eat heavy meals at the buffets in the morning and evening and just snack in between. Make sure you have sun screen and chapstick or similar.

For more information contact: Daniel @ 847-327-9128 or Email to webmaster@landsail.net

We look forward to seeing you all there!